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Hartland Consolidated Schools

Sinking Fund Project Summary

Year 1

Year 1
Farms Intermediate School
Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades
Work Performed:  Replacement of well pump and controls, replacement of well line.  Upgrade portable generator service.
Farms Well 1 Farms Well 2
Lakes Elementary School
Brick Wall Renovation
Work Performed: Replacement of section of brick wall, reinforce CMU block, replacement of exterior doors.  Upgrade portable generator service.
Lakes Wall 1  Lakes Wall 2 
 Lakes Wall 3  
Village Elementary School
Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades
Work Performed:  Replacement of domestic water piping in the boiler room and replacement of domestic hot water boiler and controls. 
Old VES Boiler   Old VES Boiler 2
 New VES Boiler 2018 - 2
 New VES Boiler 2018
Round Elementary School
Classroom Audio Replacement
Work Performed:  Replacement of classroom audio amplifiers, microphones and speakers.  
RES Classroom Audio Install 1
Classroom Audio Speaker Install
RES Classroom Audio Install Microphones
Classroom Student and Teacher
Pendant Microphones
RES Classroom Audio Install 2
Installer Unpacking Equipment
RES Classroom Audio Install 3
Installer Measuring and Installing
RES Classroom Audio Install Speakers
Speakers after Installation
RES Classroom Audio Install 4
Wall-Mounted Amplifier and
DECT Receiver

Year 2

Year 2
2018-2019 Sinking Fund Projects 
Ore Creek/High School
Driveway Renovation
Work Performed:  Replacement of the driveway from Hartland Road to the high school bus lot.
 Before Before
 HMS and HHS drive needing repair 01  HMS and HHS drive needing repair 02
 After After
 HMS repaving after image 01  HMS drive repair after image 02
 HMS and HHS connecting road completed work 03  
Hartland Educational Support Service Center
Driveway Renovation
Work Performed:  Replacement of a portion of the entrance driveway.
 HESSC entrance drive in need of repair.  
 HESSC drive repair after image 01  HESSC completed entrance drive 02
Creekside Elementary School
Work Performed:  Replacement of the aging and failing classroom audio equipment.
Classroom Audio Amplifier Classroom Audio Receiver
Creekside Audio Enhancement Amp  Creekside Audio Enhancement Receiver
Classroom Audio Receiver and Amp Classroom Audio Microphones
 Creekside Audio Enhancement Receiver and Amp  Creekside Audio Enhancement Microphones
Classroom Audio Ceiling Speaker (4 per room)  
Creekside Audio Enhancement Ceiling Speaker
All Buildings
Work Performed:  Replacement of 2002 core switch through which all district communications travel.
New District Core Switches
(Located in MDF of High School
Building Edge Switch
(One in each building except HHS)
 HCS New Core Cisco Switches  Creekside Audio Enhancement Edge Switch
Photo of OLD Core Switch  
HCS Old Core Cisco Switch   
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