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Hartland Consolidated Schools

Visiting for the first time? Here is some need-to-know info!
  • Bringing children to the pool? For safety reasons, we require any child under 54 inches to have an adult in water with them at all times. Children who do not have adults prepared to accompany them in the water will not be granted access to the facility.
  • Children taller than 54" do not require an adult to be in the water with them, but must wear a life jacket AT ALL TIMES if they are not strong independent swimmers.
  • Adults watching more than one non-swimming child must put all non-swimming children in life jackets. USCG approved life jackets only please. Water wings and baby rafts not allowed.
  • Lifeguards are stationed on the pool at all times. Please be aware that lifeguards are responsible for all swimmers in the water, and are not babysitters.
  • Any swimmer in distress that requires a lifeguard to enter the water must wear a life jacket for the remainder of the swim.
  • Three separate locker rooms are provided for guests: Men's, Women's, and Family. Guests with children of the opposite sex older than 3 years old must use the Family locker room.
  • Lockers are provided, however the facility does not provide locks.
  • Guests must bring their own towels. Towels are not provided.
  • For cleanliness reasons, street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck. Flip flops and deck shoes (crocs, etc.) are okay.
  • Cash and check only for purchases under $20.
  • For safety reasons, we cap Open Swim at 150 swimmers, and Splash n' Play at 75 swimmers. Once capacity is reached, no other swimmers will be admitted to the pool during that swim.
  • For a list of our prices and events, please click on the "daily schedule" link on the left hand side of this web page.
  • Any questions? Call the pool at 810-626-2279 for more information!
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