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The Highly Capable program looks a little different in each building due to parent involvement and scheduling,
but all of our buildings offer opportunities for their Highly Capable students.
At the elementary buildings, we offer clustered classrooms along with regularly scheduled pull-out sessions (once or twice a month). These pull-out sessions challenge our students to think about advanced topics involving Biology, Engineering, Rockets, Genetics, Simple Machines, etc. In addition, we have science nights and First Lego League.
At the Farms Intermediate school we also offer clustered classrooms. In addition, we offer our highly capable students scheduled time in the morning to be challenged. Once a month we have speakers visit our students during "A" time to look at advanced topics including Calculus, CAD, Robotics, Engineering, etc.
At the Middle School and High School, we offer advanced classes for students that are showing excellence in a given subject. We also have special opportunities after school and a Math League at the High School.
Our Highly Capable program is a combination of classroom differentiation (teacher led) and scheduled pull-out opportunities (parent led). This combination gives our Highly Capable students the opportunity to excel and be challenged both in and out of the classroom. Thank you parents for your commitment, organization, and passion for this program. We could not do it without you!!

Howell Nature Center Visits Lakes ElementaryTop of Page

     Students at Howell Nature Center enjoying a Biology lesson
Students at Lakes Elementary enjoyed a presentation by the Howell Nature Center.
The presentation allowed students to get up close and personal with several animals including an opossum and a hawk. The presentation was extremely interactive and engaging for the students.  Throughout the presentation, students were asked questions and had to help prove whether common assumptions about different animal species presented were myths or facts.

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Identifying Cluster StudentsTop of Page



First Grade

  • Brilliant Behaviors Checklist
  • Based on observations, teachers select students for Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
    (3 batteries: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal)

Second Grade

  • All students given the InView Abilities test
    (5 batteries: verbal reasoning-words, verbal reasoning-context, sequences, analogies, and quantitative reasoning)

New Students

  • Any standardized testing done in former district
  • Outside abilities testing