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Hartland Consolidated Schools

The following information has been extracted from the Hartland Consolidated Schools Parent-Student Handbook, and can be found on these pages:
          Elementary Handbook, pages 33 - 39
          Intermediate Handbook, pages 27-34  
         Secondary Handbook, pages 30 - 36

The following rules have been adopted by the bus drivers and the administration as being necessary for the safety of the students and the maintenance of the buses. Transportation is a privilege; if in violation of the Student Code of Conduct, students will be in jeopardy of losing this privilege.
1. All rules and regulations as stated in the Student Code of Conduct will be in effect on all buses while students are being transported to and from school, as approved by the Board of Education and stated in the Secondary Level Parent-Student Handbook.
2. The driver is in full charge of the bus and students. Students must obey and show respect to the driver. On field trips, the teacher, sponsor, or coach is in charge of student discipline.
3. Students must be at the designated bus stop 5 minutes prior to the arrival of the bus1 . Buses cannot wait. All students loading/unloading the bus are required to wait for the bus on the same side of the road they reside on, 10 feet off the roadway, and be clearly visible to the bus driver through the front windshield. The bus driver needs to see the student and the student needs to see the bus driver.
4. Students are to always cross the road in front of the bus and to wait for the driver’s safety signal before crossing. Students must not approach the bus until the bus driver has displayed the safety signal.
5. Students are to enter or leave the bus in an orderly manner, only at the front door, after the bus has come to a complete stop - except in case of an emergency. Students must not tamper with the emergency exits. 6. Students are to remain seated at all times and may leave the bus only at the consent of the driver. The driver has the right to assign students to certain seats for any reason.
7. Students are to keep arms and head inside the bus windows.
8. Student conversation and behavior should not be loud and distracting to the driver. Swearing, vulgar language or gestures are not permitted.
9. No eating, drinking, or chewing gum will be allowed on the bus. Life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) may result requiring immediate medical treatment. Exception: Students with diabetes or hypoglycemia (with physician documentation on file with the school district.)
10. Due to allergies, asthma, sensitivity, and environmental illnesses that may require immediate medical intervention; perfume, cologne, hair/body sprays, deodorant, air fresheners, or any other chemical are not permitted on the bus.
11. Failure to show respect verbally (threatening, antagonizing, provoking, teasing, etc.) and failure to show respect physically (kicking, tripping, pushing, shoving, hitting, biting, spitting, etc.) to other students will not be permitted.
12. Throwing things from, into, or at the bus and/or others will not be permitted.
13. Complete silence must prevail at railroad crossings according to state law. Absolutely no talking or noise is permitted.
14. Parents must call the Transportation Office on a daily basis for permission for their student to get picked up or dropped off the bus, on the same bus route, at any place other than their designated bus stop. Students may not ride a bus other than their assigned bus. Bus passes are not permitted.
15. Students that ride a transfer bus to the middle school must ride home on their assigned bus. High school students that miss their transfer bus may not walk to the middle school to board their bus. They must call a parent or emergency contact person for transportation.
16. For those occasions that necessitate bringing athletic equipment on the bus, the following will apply: Sports equipment must be entirely enclosed in a sports bag. The sports bag can be no more than 36" in length. The sports bag must be held in the student’s possession at all times and cannot take up space in the seat or in the aisle. Bringing athletic equipment on the bus will be considered a privilege and may be revoked if, in the determination of the transportation department, this privilege is abused. Equipment not allowed on buses: golf clubs, hockey and lacrosse sticks, flags on sticks, etc. The athletic department and/or coaches for those programs will attempt to assist with storage or transportation concerns. If, in the determination of the transportation department, the passenger load on a particular route or in the fleet in general has reached a point where it is deemed to be unsafe or unreasonable for athletic equipment to be transported, notification may be issued to suspend this privilege on regular bus routes.
17. Recreational items are not allowed on the bus. Examples are: skateboards, snowboards, sleds, fishing poles, etc.
18. Electronic devices such as games and music type devices with headphones may be allowed with permission of the driver. Cellular phones or any other type of communication device capable of texting, talking, taking pictures or displaying images, video or any type of messaging must be turned off at all times while on the bus. Laser pens and pointers are absolutely forbidden at all times.
19. Guns, weapons, sharp or dangerous objects, matches/lighters, tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, illegal substances, fireworks, or flammable items are not permitted on the bus.
20. Band instruments must be small enough that the student can hold them on their lap or it may be resting on the floor between their legs. They cannot take up seat space or block aisles. Large instruments will have to be transported by parents. The following instruments are not allowed on buses: baritone horns, base clarinets, cellos, drums (and cases), euphoniums, guitars, tenor or baritone saxophones or tubas. Students with larger musical instruments must sit in the front of the bus.
21. Glass projects, glass or breakable containers, live animals/insects are not permitted on the bus.
22. When long-term absence is anticipated, parents are encouraged to notify the Transportation Department by calling 810-626-2175.
23. Students must recognize that transportation is a privilege and not a right. Infractions of the above rules could result in disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions include the issuance of a Violation Ticket, short or long term suspension from the bus, short or long-term suspension from school, expulsion from school and the filing of charges with law enforcement authorities. Buses are equipped with video equipment and students may be monitored at any time to ensure a safe bus ride and to help with discipline. Due to confidentiality laws, parents are not permitted to view videotapes from buses. Parents may request another administrator to view the tape on their behalf.
1 Michigan Assoc. of Pupil Transportation recommendation
The bus driver and/or the Transportation Supervisor shall exercise discretion in implementing any disciplinary actions with respect to the misconduct noted. A student who misbehaves on the bus may receive one of the following. Verbal Warning - The driver will warn the student that his/her misconduct will not be tolerated. The driver may also have a conference with the student on the bus or give the student an assigned seat.
Green Ticket/Level 1 - A green violation ticket will be issued and sent home with the student to the parent/guardian, with a copy to the principal. The driver will make one documented attempt to contact the parent or guardian. The ticket will contain a description of the misconduct. The student will not be allowed to board the bus again until the ticket is signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the driver by the student.
Yellow Ticket/Level 2 - A yellow violation ticket will be issued and sent home with the student to the parent/guardian, with a copy to the principal. The driver will make one documented attempt to contact the parent or guardian. The ticket will contain a description of the misconduct. The student will lose his/her privileges up to three (3) days. The ticket must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the driver when transportation resumes.  
Pink Ticket/Level 3 - A pink violation ticket will be issued for additional offenses that warrant a bus suspension of greater duration, which could be up to and including the balance of the school year. Under certain exceptional and unusual circumstances, the seriousness or grossness of these offenses may warrant immediate suspension of bus riding privileges. Whenever a bus driver issues a pink bus violation ticket, the driver will make one documented attempt to contact the parent or guardian. It is also the responsibility of the student to notify his/her parent or guardian of the ticket and/or suspension. The Transportation Supervisor will be involved in all suspensions and will make the final determination. The ticket must be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the driver when transportation resumes
Students who disobey transportation rules shall be subject to suspension of their bus riding privileges, including alternate destination and field trips. The school administration may exercise discretion in the immediate suspension of privileges depending upon the particular circumstances of individual cases. All student suspensions will be carried over to the following school year. Suspensions to be imposed for serious violations are set forth below:
1. Fighting, Pushing, Tripping – three (3) days, or up to one (1) month (20 actual) school days or until the end of the school year, at the discretion of the Transportation Supervisor.
2. Destruction of Property – one (1) week up to one (1) month (20 actual school days), or until the end of the school year, and/or the filing by the administration of a criminal complain with proper authorities, at the discretion of the Transportation Supervisor. Parents/guardians of student involved will be financially responsible for damages.
3. Tobacco/E-cigarettes – one (1) month (20 actual school days) up to the remainder of the school year, at the discretion of the Transportation Supervisor.
4. Lighting Matches or lighters – one (1) month (20 actual school days) up to the remainder of the school year, at the discretion of the Transportation Supervisor.
5. Physical Abuse – Any student guilty of physically abusing a school bus driver in any manner shall have transportation privileges suspended for the remainder of the school year, and charges will be filed with civil authorities.
BUS MISCONDUCT CATEGORIES - When students receive violation tickets, the offenses will fall into the following categories:
Not crossing in front of the bus
Not waiting for the safety signal
Not standing a safe distance from roadway
Tampering with the emergency exits
Not remaining seated
Changing seats while the bus was moving
Putting head or hands out of the window
Not keeping the aisle clear
Writing on seats
Cutting or poking holes in seats
Breaking windows or mirrors
Throwing things at the bus
Burning of seats 
Swearing Vulgar language or gestures
Sexual harassment 
Not sitting in assigned seat
Not riding the assigned bus
Exiting the bus without permission
Use of cell phones
Live animals
Laser pens
Sharp objects
Illegal substances or paraphernalia                                                                                                   Recreational equipment
Rude to the driver or students
Yelling or screaming
Loud and distracting conversation
Throwing objects at driver or students 
Chewing gum
Eating Drinking
Throwing things on or from the bus 
RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES                                                                                                       Parents of students will be financially responsible for damages to school buses that result from any misbehavior on the bus (i.e. torn or ripped seats, broken windows and mirrors, scratched paint, etc.). 
APPEAL PROCESS AND RESTRICTIONS                                                                                         Because of the safety-sensitive nature of school bus transportation, bus drivers are vested with discretion in the issuance of tickets and determining to suspend a student from the bus. The Transportation Supervisor will be involved in all bus suspensions and make the final determination. There shall be no appeal for a warning. In cases of suspension from the bus, a parent or guardian may appeal to the Transportation Supervisor within 24 hours (with the exemption of Saturday or Sunday) of the suspension notice. To schedule 36 an appeal, the parent/guardian must contact the transportation office at 810-626-2175. The Transportation Supervisor will determine whether or not a student may continue to ride the bus, in an assigned seat, pending the outcome of the appeal.
The supervisor, or his/her designee, shall schedule an appeal meeting within fourteen (14) days of the request.
Appeals may be directed at any findings relative to a student’s guilt of violation(s) of the rules and regulations governing Student/Bus Conduct or at any disciplinary action taken.
First Level: Transportation Supervisor or Director of Operation
Second Level: Building Principal or Transportation Review Officer
Third Level: Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations
Fourth Level: Superintendent Fifth Level: Board of Education
1. Parents that drive their student(s) to the bus stop must park in a location that is a minimum of 20 ft. in front of the bus and is completely and clearly visible to the bus driver at all times.
2. To ascertain and insure that their children arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the bus arrival in the morning. Once the alternating lights are deactivated on the bus, they may not be reactivated and it is the parents’ responsibility to transport their student to school. Students or parents should never try to catch the bus once the lights have been cancelled for any reason. Never assume the bus driver is aware that your student has missed the bus, call the transportation office at 810-626-2175 so that dispatch can notify the bus driver.
3. To provide necessary protection of their children when going to, from and at the bus stop.
4. To accept joint responsibility with the school authorities for proper conduct of their children on the bus and at the bus stop location.
5. To make reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with those responsible for pupil transportation.
6. To be familiar with and support all transportation rules as published.
7. Your student will not be able to accept your texts or messages while on the bus. Emergencies or important messages should be called into the transportation office at 810-626-2175 and dispatch will contact the bus driver to relay information if necessary.
8. To provide, if possible, house number discernible from the traveled roadway for a person with normal vision. Mail box numbers are acceptable if numbers are clearly visible on both sides.
9. Inform Transportation Department when absence from school is expected by calling 810-626-2175.
Every attempt will be made to keep schools open and buses running on school days. On days when the dirt roads are muddy or snow covered to the extent that buses cannot make it through, all routes will be run on main roads only. Students that live on a road identified as one on which buses cannot travel must go to the nearest road with an available bus stop for pick up. 
Early School Closing                                                                                                                                       In the event of an early closing in the Hartland Schools (prompted by severe weather, failure of a heating plant, loss of electrical power, etc.), the procedures described below will be followed:                                   1. Central Office will release information regarding the closing to all schools and the media.                           2. Listen to WHMI Radio (93.5 FM), which will provide current information. When possible, information will also be put on Hartland’s Cable Channel 22. (Please do NOT call the schools. Telephone lines must be available for out-going calls.)                                                                                                                           3. Dismissals and bus runs will occur as follows: high school students, middle and intermediate students, elementary students, then students who walk.                                                                                               
4. Elementary students (K-4) who cannot be dropped at their regular stops will be taken to the Hartland Educational Support Services Center at 9525 E. Highland Rd.                                                                       5. Intermediate and secondary students (5-12) who cannot be dropped at their regular stops will be dropped no further than one-half (1/2) mile of their stop. (If they cannot be dropped within 1/2 mile of their stop, they will be taken to the Hartland Educational Support Services Center at 9525 E. Highland Rd.).        6. All scheduled school "evening activities" (including Community Education) will be canceled when an early school closing is prompted by severe weather.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Radio station WHMI 93.5 FM will carry reports of late buses, main roads only, or school cancellations.
DELAY OF SCHOOL STARTING TIME DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER                                               Delay of School - 1 Hour                                                                                                                                 All students will ride the same bus with the same type of pick-up structure as under normal circumstances except that the bus will arrive at the regular pick-up spot approximately one (1) hour later than usual. No structure changes will exist other than the time element.                                                                           Delay of School - 2 Hours                                                                                                                         Under a two-hour delay, all students will be picked up as usual, except two (2) hours later than on a regular schedule. 
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