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Mrs. Waldron headshot
Mrs. DelVecchio

Mrs.Tracie Waldron has had the absolute joy and privilege of teaching and working with children in one capacity or another for over 25 years.  She will begin her 9th year teaching with Hartland Preschool, making her goal to help children develop a love of learning and creativity in a nurturing and structured environment. She enjoys working with children to develop social, emotional and academic skills. Mrs. Waldron grew up in Hartland and graduated from Hartland High School.  She attended Grand Valley State University earning a Bachelors Degree, and is certified in Early Childhood Development. She is dedicated to continuing her education and strives to find engaging ways to help children flourish and learn. She lives in Hartland with her husband, Aaron, 3 children, and their little dog.

Mrs. Amanda DelVecchio is extremely excited to share her energy and enthusiasm for learning with the Hartland Preschool community. She has been working with children in various positions for over 15 years and feels privileged to be joining an amazing team who share her love of children and dedication to helping them grow and succeed. Mrs. DelVecchio's favorite aspect of working with children is being a part the small moments as they connect with each other, their teachers, and new skills. She is committed to continuing her education and certification journey.  After studying History at the University of Michigan-Flint, she began a family with her husband, Mike. Currently, their three children attend Hartland Schools. In their spare time, the DelVecchio family enjoys outside activities together, like archery, biking, and riding dirt bikes. Mrs. DelVecchio also enjoys exploring new recipes and reading.

"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." 
-William Butler Yeats


ABC's of 4 Year Old Preschool - Extended Day- Waldron/DelVecchio


  •       Learn the Alphabet with Zoophonics
  •       Color Identification & Spelling of Colors, Science of Colors
  •       Shapes – Identification & Finding Objects of Said Shape
  •       Counting to 20
  •       Name Identification and Spelling/Writing
  •       Calendar
  •       Weekly Unit Themes
  •       Creative Process and Product Art

Building Social/Emotional Skills

  •       Learn to Identify Emotions of Self and Others, Appropriate Responses/Reactions 
  •       Second Step Curriculum, Role Play and Modeling Behavior
  •       Following Directions
  •       Playing with Others: Parallel, Mirror, & Interacting with Others Appropriately
  •       Walking/Sitting/Interacting with Others Appropriately
  •       Vocalize Needs in an Appropriate Manner
  •       Building Confidence & Sense of Community
  •       Learning to be Independent
              Being Prepared
              Taking Responsibility for Self and Belongings

Coordination of Motor Skills

  •        Learn how to Hold, Practice and Use Writing Tools Appropriately
  •        Learn how to Hold, Practice and Use Scissors Appropriately
  •        Learn how to Hold, Practice and Use Glue Sticks Appropriately
  •        Build Hand/Eye Coordination through Fine Motor and Table Top and Sensory Activities
  •        Build Hand Muscles
  •        Learn how to Write Names
  •        Learn how to Write Letters - Upper and Lowercase
  •        Active Play with Purpose & Spatial Awareness   



wooden signs
2 women smiling
bulletin board
whole classroom with tables
play kitchen
child painting turkey
children looking at folders at table
children playing with magnet wands at a table
child drawing on smartboard
children playing in dirt in a square bucket
Children sitting on the carpet with teacher
boy playing with play doh
girl holding 3 balls
child writing on the smartboard
student painting leaves
children playing on playstructure outside
children playing with paper at table
female child holding paper
children playing at a small table
children sitting on the carpet with a teacher
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