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Mrs. Dawn Lubeski has more than 25 years in the education field and is committed to providing an excellent education for your little one in a safe, structured and loving environment. Mrs. Lubeski is a certified teacher with a Master's Degree and ZA Endorsement in Education from the University of Michigan and has been a Hartland Preschool Teacher for more than 18 years. A lifelong Hartland resident, Mrs. Lubeski has 3 children of her own, including 2 graduates of Hartland High School and another who is growing much too quickly! 

Mrs. Angela Russell has been working with infant, pre-school and elementary aged children on and off since earning both her degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education from Eastern Michigan University in 2001. Angela and her husband, Chris have three children whom all attend Hartland Consolidated Schools. Angela enjoys photography, traveling and spending time with her family.

ABC's of 3 Year Old Preschool - Lubeski/Russell


  •       Color Identification – Primary and Secondary
  •       Shapes – Identification
  •       Identify and Learn about Numbers
  •       Name Recognition
  •       Calendar
  •       Creative Process and Product Art

 Building Social/Emotional Skills

  •       Following Directions
  •       Learn to Play with Others
  •       Parallel Play, Mirror Play, Interactive Play
  •       Walking/Sitting/Interacting with Others 
  •       Building Confidence
  •       Learning to be Independent
              Using the Restroom 
              Playing Outside

Coordination of Motor Skills

  •        Practice and Use Writing Tools
  •        Practice and Use Scissors
  •        Practice and Use Glue Sticks
  •        Build Hand/Eye Coordination
  •        Build Hand Muscles
  •        Active Play with Purpose & Spatial Awareness   

ABC's of 4 Year Old Preschool - Lubeski/Russell


  •       Learn Each Letter of the Alphabet with Zoophonics
  •       Color Identification
  •       Shapes – Identification & Finding Objects of Said Shape
  •       Counting
  •       Introduction to the Alphabet with Zoophonics
  •       Name Identification and Spelling/Writing
  •       Calendar
               Days of the Week (along with Spelling)
               Months of the Year
               Seasons & Counting
  •       Weekly Unit Themes
  •       Creative Process and Product Art
  •       Handwriting Without Tears (Friday Friends)

Building Social/Emotional Skills

  •       Learn to Identify Emotions of Self and Others
  •       Second Step Curriculum, Role Play and Modeling Behavior
  •       Following Directions
  •       Playing with Others: Parallel, Mirror, & Interacting with Others
  •       Walking/Sitting/Interacting with Others
  •       Vocalize Needs in an Appropriate Manner
  •       Building Confidence & Sense of Community
  •       Learning to be Independent
              Being Prepared
              Taking Responsibility for Self and Belongings

Coordination of Motor Skills

  •        Practice and Use Writing Tools
  •        Practice and Use Scissors
  •        Practice and Use Glue Sticks
  •        Build Hand/Eye Coordination through Fine Motor and Table Top Activities
  •        Build Hand Muscles
  •        Writing Names
  •        Active Play    



view of classroom from door with shelves and tables
view of empty classroom with tables and shelves
carpet, smartboard, calendar
children playing with water at a table
children sitting on a seesaw
children playing with sand at a table
children sitting at a table with playdoh
two boys playing with batman
children in front of outdoor play structure
children at a water table
children holding magnifying glasses
children listening to firefighters
students and firefighters standing in front of truck
children playing with wooden blocks
students building with small cubes
girls painting on blue paper and easel
students sitting while teacher cuts an apple
children standing outside in the snow
4 girls smiling
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