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Hartland Consolidated Schools

On March 26, 2020, the Hartland Board of Education made the difficult decision to cancel the May 5, 2020 School BOND Election and move it to a later date that is yet to be determined.  For additional details, please see the letter from Superintendent Hughes below under the 2020 BOND Information section of this page.

Press Release

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Superintendent Chuck Hughes 


The Hartland Consolidated Schools Board of Education has voted unanimously to place a $45 million bond proposal on the May 5th ballot. 

“This bond proposal is primarily about keeping the Hartland Consolidated School District current and competitive,” said School Superintendent Chuck Hughes. “The bond proposal calls for 

  • renovating, upgrading, and constructing school facilities, including safety and security improvements;
  • upgrading technology and technology infrastructure;
  • upgrading athletic facilities; and,
  • replacing school buses as they reach the end of their useful life.” 

After an exhaustive facilities study, architects and construction specialists worked with school leaders to develop a list of potential projects. This list was finalized after it was reviewed by parent-teacher organizations, Senior Center clients, HAYAA representatives, archery and robotics advocates, school administrators, teachers, and coaches. Finally, the proposed list of projects was presented to a series of focus panels composed of various school district constituents. The entire planning process took about one year. 

Hughes emphasized that every project in the bond proposal was reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury. “If approved by voters, the bond proposal will affect every Hartland student and every Hartland school facility,” he said. 

The bond proposal will require a 1.44 mill increase in the current tax rate. “We believe the proposal is both necessary and reasonable,” said Board of Education President Thom Dumond. “For a homeowner living in a home with a taxable value of $117,500 the additional cost will be about 46¢ per day ($117,500 taxable value not assessed value x .00144 = $169.20 per year divided by 365 days a year = 46¢ per day). Many school district homeowners will pay less than that, he added. 

Dumond said that he believes the Board of Education has an obligation to take care of Hartland’s schools and to make sure that students have an instructional environment that enhances learning opportunities. “We are fortunate that our community values the same things,” he said. “I am convinced that is why people who live here have a history of supporting the schools.”

Hughes said that the May bond proposal is designed to support the school district’s plan to provide even more educational opportunities for students and benefits to the community. “I also believe that voter approval of the bond proposal will reflect positively on homeowner property values,” he added. 

Communicating about the bond proposal will be a primary focus during the coming months,” Hughes emphasized. “We want our residents to understand how a successful bond election will benefit everyone in the community now and in the future.” 

Complete information about the May 5 bond proposal will be posted on the school district’s website, Residents with questions are invited to call any Hartland Consolidated Schools Principal or to contact Superintendent Chuck Hughes at 810/626-2105 or by email at


Orange Square Project

Orange square
Are you curious what projects will be included if the May 5, 2020 Bond Proposal passes?

Start looking for the orange squares posted around the district! Anywhere you see an orange square, the space attached to that square will be included in the list of projects to be completed by the 2020 Bond.

If you have additional questions about a project, just ask!
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