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District Wide Broadcast Message

Hartland Consolidated Schools

Welcome to Hartland Consolidated Schools!

Thank you!

Hartland Consolidated Schools' Board of Education, Administration and Staff would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to the Hartland community for their support and passage of the Building and Site Sinking Fund proposal. Hartland Schools are premier "Schools of Choice" because of your continued unwavering support and involvement. Thank you!

Important Message from Superintendent Hughes

Parents Who Host Lose The Most - Don't be a party to TEENAGE DRINKING.  It's against the law.
With the graduation season upon us, I am honored to support the Livingston Community Prevention Project, Parents as Partners in Prevention, The Hartland Coalition, Project Success, Livingston County Community Alliance, and the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney in an effort to educate parents on the power of modeling positive choices for our graduates.  I humbly request that parents consider that providing alcohol to minors is against the law.  Help me to ensure that no tragedies confront the community due to poor adult choices.  I ask you to recognize the great responsibilities that come with celebrating the accomplishments of our graduates.

School News

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