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Special Education

School Psychology Awareness week was November 14-18. Please share your appreciation for Hartland's three school psychologists this month - Toni Johnson (Preschool, Creekside, Lakes & Legacy), Jill Leutze (Farms & Hartland Middle Schools), and Olena Mandeville (Round, Village, & High School). School psychologists work with building teams to support academic and behavioral needs for students who are struggling. 

Operations Department

Did you know that the Transportation Department employs three mechanics and one mechanic trainee to care for our entire bus fleet, all district vehicles and equipment?  Hartland has 58 school busses, 2 garage vehicles, 16 maintenance vehicles (for building repairs, grounds repairs, and snow plowing), and 20+ trailers, mowers, and earth moving equipment.  Each year our bus fleet has to be inspected by the state police. Our mechanics make sure we are ready for this front-to-rear, top-to-bottom inspection. All busses must pass inspection before they are allowed on the road. Our mechanics also perform their own inspections every 1,000 miles exactly like the state police inspection to assure the safety of the students and drivers.
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Hartland Schools 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year - Michelle Wentzel (Creekside Elementary School)
Hartland Schools 2015-2016 Support Person of the Year - Greg Sloan, Hartland Schools Maintenance Department

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Prescription Drug Disposal and Statistics
The instances of prescription drug abuse has sky rocketed in our country, especially by our youth. The accessibility of these medicine. In an effort to help provide a valuable resource to our community that can help us overcome this challenge. Here is an Informative flyer that provides information about the "Big Red Barrel" program in which sites are designated throughout Livingston County for prescription drug drop-off. Please consider accessing these sites to dispose of any unused prescription medicine in your home.
Sign Up To Receive District Text Messages
Hartland Consolidated Schools now provides the ability for parents to receive communication from the district via text messaging. Parents may choose to opt in to this program on their own.  Follow the link here for instructions and additional information.
Applications will be accepted December 5 - January 6.

Hartland DTE Energy Array
You can click on the output tab on this page to see the daily, monthly, and annual generation of the DTE-Hartland Educational Array.
Thank You Hartland Community
Hartland Consolidated Schools' Board of Education, Administration and Staff would like to thank the Hartland community for its continued support of our schools and students. It is only with this support that we can continue to provide our students with a premier educational experience. Thank you!
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Hartland Schools Teacher and Support Person of the Year

"2016-2017 Teacher
of the Year"
Rob Jellison
Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek
Rob Jellison Teacher of the year
"2016-2017 Support Person
of the Year"
Rachael Wright
Hartland Schools
Village Elementary Secretary
Rachael Wright Support Person of year