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Hartland Consolidated Schools

 Vision Statement


Mission Statement

 "Education for highly capable students envisions a system where students of high academic ability are provided optimal learning opportunities to help them recognize and develop talents and gifts which will make their own lives worthwhile and will assist them in making a maximum contribution to the general welfare of the world."    "The mission of our highly capable cluster program is to implement strategies, procedures, and support systems which promote the beliefs in the Vision Statement."


Hartland's program for the highly capable student includes these goals:
  • To provide an environment that will cultivate and encourage intellectual and creative abilities
  • To provide students with instruction in the Hartland curriculum, with appropriate enrichment extensions and in-depth study
  • To develop self-esteem, allowing students to realize and acknowledge their own and others' skills and talents

Student Selection

Students are identified in second grade using several sources of data.  This data along with teacher recommendations are used to identify our highly capable students. Red right facing arrow The cluster program allows opportunities for students in grades three through eight.  The major advantage of cluster grouping is that students are grouped with their intellectual peers, and the classroom teacher is able to plan appropriately for that group of students.
Program Description
The curriculum is based on the district's core curriculum objectives, with opportunities for some extensions and emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, concept development and process skills.
In grades three through eight, identified students are placed in cluster programs.  A group of 2-6 identified students are clustered in the general education classroom of one teacher who has training in how to teach the highly capable students.  The other students in the class are of mixed abilities.   At the secondary level, counselors are available to assist students with planning appropriate and challenging programs.  A wide variety of enriching electives, honors, and Advanced Placement courses are offered, as well as extra curricular programs targeting the needs of the highly capable.
Personal Characteristics of Highly Capable Students
Highly capable children are very unique.  They have different interests, different personalities and different areas of high ability.  However, these children also share certain traits.  It is the degree to which they exhibit these traits that sets them apart.

*good problem solving abilities

*extensive vocabulary

*preference for older playmates

*long attention span


*compassion for others


*vivid imagination



*advanced mathematical ideas

*insatiable curiosity

*excellent sense of humor

*good memory

*advanced reading level

*fascination with books

*rapid learning ability

*ability with puzzles

*high degree of energy

It is important to understand that gifted students have special needs.  A partnership between parents, teachers and administrators is encouraged.  Without sharing responsibility and developing a deep understanding of these unique children, we will miss a great opportunity.  Hartland Schools invites you to join in meeting this challenge.
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