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Hartland Student Nutrition Department
Did You Know that the School lunch act was signed into law on June 4, 1946, by Harry S. Truman in response to claims that many American men were rejected for WWII military duty, due to diet related health issues. The program was established as a measure of national security.  We served 23,922 Breakfast and 309,040 Lunches in 2012-2013.  Students ate 102,000 servings of fresh vegetables and 146,000 servings of fresh fruit. In addition to the fresh fruits and vegetables we offer many frozen, canned (in light syrup or water) and dried varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Lunches meet 1/3 of your student’s daily requirements for calories and nutrients when averaged over the week. USDA requires that we offer Dark Green, Red/Orange, Beans/Peas, and Starchy vegetables weekly. You will see some of these offered on the daily menu and others are offered on our fruit and vegetable bars. In addition we must offer Protein, Bread, Fruit and Milk daily with all meals.  We must meet specified requirements set by USDA for Calories, Fat, Saturated Fat and Sodium. We cannot offer foods with added Trans Fats. These guidelines are different for Elementary, Middle and High School age students.

All food is prepared under the HACCP (Hazard analysis & Critical Control Points) as required by USDA.  All employees are members of the School Nutrition Association and trained in Sanitation and Safety procedures.

School Board Recognition Month
Did you know that January was Board Recognition Month Click here and you can view a video of our middle school students recognizing our Board of Education for all the hard work they do. 

Hartland Schools 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year - Mike Joseph

Hartland Schools 2013-2014 Support Person of the Year - Betsie White 

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Welcome to Hartland Consolidated Schools!

School News

Snow Day Make-Up and Last Days of School
As a result of the harsh Winter and the number of snow days we were forced to take, our last days of school for this school year are as follows:

*Lakes Elementary students will be IN SESSION on May 23 and will have a FULL day of school.  No other schools in the district will be in session that day.*
** The last day of school for our Seniors will be May 22.**

April "Person of the Month", Holly McCarthy,
Creekside Elementary Secretary

January was School Board Recognition Month
Click here and you will find a video produced by Teachers Patti Roberts, Daryl Bean and the students of our Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek extending their appreciation to the Hartland School Board.

Kindergarten Round-up for the 2014/2015 school year
You may view the flyer for dates and information. The packet can be found here.

Hartland DTE Energy Array
You can click on the output tab on this page to see the daily, monthly, and annual generation of the DTE-Hartland Educational Array.

2013 Parent Teacher Conference Survey Data
Parents were asked to grade their child's school during the Fall 2013 Parent/Teacher Conferences.  On average 95% of our parents gave the school their child attends an "A" while nationally it is just 13%.  To see the data collected, please click here.

Thank You Hartland Community
Hartland Consolidated Schools' Board of Education, Administration and Staff would like to thank the Hartland community for its continued support of our schools and students. It is only with this support that we can continue to provide our students with a premier educational experience. Thank you!

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