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Hartland Consolidated Schools

School Closings

Emergency situations can be a hectic experience for parents and students. Even worse is the rare occasion when it is necessary to send students home early. Many questions need to be answered immediately to allow you to plan for the care of your children, and attempted communication with the school, met with repeated busy signals, can be very frustrating. Communicating with your child ahead of time can help alleviate panic during this stressful time.

Please be sure to:

  • Tune your radio to WHMI in Howell 93.5 FM. They are the first to be notified and will provide the most current information. If you have a radio alarm, put it on this station, even on days when you don't expect that school may be closed, You may receive a surprise, such as a power problem at school.
  • Understand that Cancellations may occur at the last minute.
  • Make arrangements ahead of time with a friend, a neighbor or an older child in the neighborhood to care for your children if school is cancelled. Make sure your children are a ware of where to go and what to do in case of early release.
  • Be sure your children have access to a house key if they will need to return to your home to use the telephone or wait for the sitter.
  • Contact your daycare/latchkey facility to find out what their procedures are on these days.
  • If dropping your child off at school, wait to see if they are able to gain access to the building.
  • Make sure the numbers on your emergency card are current. We will use them if necessary during these emergencies.

School Delays


All students will ride the same bus with the same type of pick-up structure as under normal circumstances other than that bus will arrive at the regular pick-up stop approximately one hour later than usual. No structure changes will exist other than the time element.


Under a two-hour delay, all students will be picked up as usual, except two hours later than on a regular schedule.

Above all, make plans ahead of time for these situations and make sure your children understand them. All students who are unable to be dropped of at home will be taken to the latchkey facility at the Village Elementary. If your child is missing, call the bus garage to verify if they were taken to Village Elementary.
  School Starting Times
One-Hour Delay
Two-Hour Delay
High School
   (Lunch 10:55
   (Lunch 10:55)
   (Lunch 10:55)
Middle School
   (Lunch 10:45)
   (Lunch 10:45)
   (Lunch 10:45
   (Lunch 12:11)
   (Lunch 12:11)
   (Lunch 12:11)
   (Creekside Lunch - 11:05)
   (Lakes Lunch - 11:00)
   (Round Lunch - 10:50)
   (Village Lunch - 11:05)
   (Creekside Lunch - 11:05)
   (Lakes Lunch - 11:00)
   (Round Lunch - 10:50)
   (Village Lunch - 11:05)
   (Creekside Lunch - 11:05)
   (Lakes Lunch - 11:00)
   (Round Lunch - 10:50)
   (Village Lunch - 11:05) 

Early School Closings

In the event of an early closing in the Hartland Schools (prompted by severe weather, failure of a heating plant, loss of electrical power, etc.), the procedures described below will be followed. Make certain you have discussed with your student procedures they should follow if school should ever be dismissed early.
  • Central Office will release information regarding the closing to all schools and the media.
  • Listen to WHMI Radio 93.5 FM, which will provide current information. School closing information will also be available on the Hartland Schools Website. Please do not call the schools. Telephone lines must be available for out-going calls.  School closing information can be obtained by visiting our district website
  • Dismissals and bus runs will occur as follows: high school students, middle school and intermediate school students, elementary students, then students who walk.
  • Elementary students (grades K-4) who cannot be dropped at their regular stops will be taken to the Hartland Educational Support Services Center at 9525 E. Highland Road.
  • Intermediate and secondary students (grades 5-12) who cannot be dropped at their regular stops will be dropped no further than one-half (1/2) mile from their stop. (If they cannot be dropped within 1/2 mile of their stop, they will be taken to the Hartland Educational Support Services Center at 9525 E. Highland Road.)
  • Students who have been scheduled to be picked up by their parents will be held at their respective buildings until the scheduled pick-up time and then taken to the Hartland Educational Support Services Center at 9525 E. Highland Road.
  • All scheduled school "evening activities" (including Community Education) will be canceled when an early school closing is prompted by severe weather.

Radio station WHMI 93.5 F.M. will carry reports of late busses, main roads only, or school cancellations.
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