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Hartland Consolidated Schools

The Hartland School Social Workers (SSW) provides assistance to students, families, and school staff to help them understand and participate in the process of problem resolution. Social workers may act as a liaison between school, family, and other community agencies in nurturing a child's normal growth and development. Social workers can provide individual or group counseling for students who have behaviors and issues of concern. Often times, they offer workshops to strengthen parenting skills and assist in supporting positive child and adolescent development.

School social workers are members of the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team and are able to assess students suspected of having significant emotional, behavioral, or social problems that affect their ability to succeed in the school environment. The school social worker may provide consultation or facilitation for functional behavioral analysis (FBA) and behavior intervention plans (BIP).
Building Email Address
Contact Number
Kimber Ford
Ore Creek (810) 626-2446
Kristen Goble Preschool, Village, Farms (810) 626-2546
Leslie Leemgraven
Lakes (810) 626-2725
Sarah Marinetti Creekside (810) 626-2635
Toni Scherer
High School & Legacy
(810) 626-2236
Andrew Schwab Vllage (810) 626-2866
Alyssa Smith Round (810) 626-2812
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