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Hartland Consolidated Schools

Facts about the items offered in the National School Lunch Program

  • Skim and low-fat white milk are offered every day, in addition to fat free chocolate milk.
  • Foods prepared in the elementary, intermediate and middle school are baked, not fried.
  • Ham, sub meat and breakfast sausage are usually turkey meat.
  • Fresh fruit and canned fruit in light or natural juices are available every day in all buildings.
  • Fresh vegetables are offered daily.
  • No salt is added to any foods. 
  • Low-fat cheese is used as often as possible.
  • Many of our products are made especially for the school lunch program and are much lower in fat than you would find in similar items offered elsewhere.
  • Breads & rolls are whole grain white or wheat.
  • Ala carte items in all elementary schools must meet the Smart Snacks Guidelines. 
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