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Hartland Consolidated Schools

Group Swim Lessons

Registration for Spring Swim Lessons begins on March 23rd, 2020

All classes are on waitlist until further notice.  Please register and when we can resume classes, we will contact you.  Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.


Spring Lessons

Session 1


April 18 – May 16


April 13 – May 11


April 14 – May 12


April 15 – May 13


April 16 – May 14

Private Swim Lessons

To request private swimming lessons, you must complete the Private Lesson Request Form.

Please be aware that because of the limited availability of pool space, private lessons are reserved for students with a specific need for one-on-one instruction, and typically are not served in a group setting.
Private Lesson Rates
Number of Private Lessons Rate
One 30 Minute Lesson $45
Three 30 Minute Lessons $115
Five 30 Minute Lessons $155
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